Various Artists – The Psychedelic Years Vol.7

To round out the month, here is Volume 7 of my Psych Years playlists. Unlike previous efforts, this one did not use any of the compilations I have purchased down the years as a base but it does focus on the latter years of the scene. The Rolling Stones, Arthur Brown, Family, Eric Burdon, Al Stewart and early Fairport Convention (where they were a Jefferson Airplane type band instead of the folk behemoth they became) could well be the most famous names here but there are a number of acts where members went on to be more famous elsewhere. These include The Idle Race (Jeff Lynne of ELO), Simon Dupree & The Big Sound (Gentle Giant), The Gods (Greg Lake of ELP & King Crimson) and One In A Million (Jimmy McCulloch (Wings and The Small Faces).  

Disc 1

  1. The River – Octopus
  2. Too Much On My Mind – The Gates Of Eden
  3. A Strange Light From the East – Tuesday’s Children
  4. Shades Of Orange – The End
  5. Double Sight – One In A Million
  6. Riding A Wave – Turnstyle
  7. Evil Woman – Guy Darrell
  8. I Can See The Sky – Fire
  9. Everyday Is Just The Same – The Moan
  10. I Read You Like An Open Book – The Tages
  11. Good Job With Prospects – Actress
  12. Follow Me – The Fruit Machine
  13. Daydream Girl (Album Version) – Billy Nicholls
  14. Two Little Ladies – The Crocheted Doughnut Ring
  15. Sage Of Wrinkled Man – Fortes Mentum
  16. Never Had Girl Like You Before – The Misunderstood
  17. In The Valley of The Shadow Of Lone – Tuesday’s Children
  18. Love – Virgin Sleep
  19. Dear Delilah – Grapefruit
  20. All The Love In The World – Consortium
  21. Where Dragons Guard The Doors – Mortimer
  22. Turn Into Earth – Al Stewart
  23. I Am Nearly There – Denis Couldry & The Next Collection
  24. The First Step On The Moon – The Cape Kennedy Construction Company
  25. Felix – Andwella’s Dream
  26. Daytime Girl (Coda) – Billy Nicholls

Disc 2

  1. Haunted – Peter Thorogood
  2. (Who Planted Thorns In) Miss Alice’s Garden – The Explosive
  3. Gratefully Dead – Eric Burdon & The Animals
  4. Hot Smoke & Sassafras – The Mooche
  5. On Love – Skip Bifferty
  6. Knocking Nails In My House – The Idle Race
  7. Crazy Dreams – The Searchers
  8. Ballad Of Harvey Kaye – East Of Eden
  9. The Way (Single Version) – July
  10. Mellowing Grey – Family
  11. Peter’s Birthday (Black & White Rainbows) – World Of Oz
  12. Devil’s Grip – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
  13. Sun Shade – Fairport Convention
  14. Linda Love Linda – The Floribunda
  15. Me – Aquarian Age
  16. Theodore – The Silver Eagle
  17. Life Is Just Beginning – The Creation
  18. A Fairy Tale (Alt. Mix) – Second Hand
  19. Too Much In Love – Churchills
  20. I Lied To Auntie May – The Neat Change
  21. Rainchild – Octopus
  22. 14 Hour Technicolour Dream – The Syn
  23. Castle In The Sky – Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
  24. Orignal Sin – Blinker
  25. Plastic Horizon – The Gods
  26. On With The Show – The Rolling Stones

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