Bob Dylan – The Alternative New Portrait

To complement the post from earlier this month, I though that I would take a look at the follow up to ‘Self Portrait’, 1970s ‘New Morning’. ‘New Morning’ was released four months after ‘Self Portrait’ and the rumour at the time was that Dylan had rushed back into the studio after the negative reaction to his previous effort. The truth was that the sessions for ‘Self Portrait’ lay around for a year before coming out and therefore, ‘New Morning’ was already in the can. 

After listening through ‘Another Self Portrait’ and ‘1970 with Special Guest George Harrison’, I was wondering if it would be possible to produce an alternative version of ‘New Morning’ using alternative takes. Dylan is a musician who records many versions of the same song (listen to the Collectors edition of ‘The Bootleg Series Vol.12’ which includes every note recorded during the 1965-1966 sessions to see what I mean. You will have to make your way through over 19 hours of music).  

One song is missing from this collection, ‘The Man in Me’. That is because there was not an alternative version of this released on either ‘Another Self Portrait’ or the Archive release, 1970. I substituted it with an outtake from the a session with George Harrison, ‘Working on a Guru’. 

Side A

  1. If Not For You*
  2. Day Of The Locusts (Take 2)**
  3. Time Passes Slowly #2*
  4. Went To See The Gypsy*
  5. Winterlude**
  6. If Dogs Run Free*

Side B

  1. New Morning (With Horn Section Overdubs)*
  2. Sign On The Window**
  3. One More Weekend**
  4. Working On A Guru*
  5. Three Angels**
  6. Father Of Night (Rehearsal)**
  • The Bootleg Series Vol. 10: Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)

** 1970 With Special Guest George Harrison

The front cover is the same as the one on the original version of ‘New Morning’, but in negative.

One or more of these songs was not available on Spotify.

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