The Beach Boys – 1960-1962

I feel that in the past, I have been a little bit harsh on The Beach Boys with my ‘Endless Bummer’ compilations. Some of the songs they have released are timeless classics. Their story is also one of the great soap operas in music with family feuds, drug abuse, mental health problems and Mike Love. Their story begins in the late 1950’s when a 16 year old Brian Wilson has been soaking up the piano playing of his father, Murray Wilson and the vocal harmony group, the Four Freshman. Brian would teach his family members how to sing the background harmonies, gaining experience for what he would do in the recording studio. In 1958, he received a reel-to-reel tape recorder which he used to overdub his voice along with the aforementioned family. 

When his youngest brother Carl received a guitar for Christmas, the pair of them (along with Carl’s friend David Marks) would start playing together. Brian also started to write songs and other people who would become part of The Beach Boys family started to appear on the scene. These were Mike Love, cousin to the Wilson’s and Al Jardine who was a classmate of Brian. Brian suggested that he, Carl, Love and Jardine should team up as a group which was given the name, The Pendletones, a pun on Pendelton which was a style of shirt that was the fashion at the time. 

This is where the third Wilson brother comes in to the picture. Middle brother Dennis was the only surfer in the group and it was on his suggestion that the group should write songs about the sport and the lifestyle it inspired. From this came the songs ‘Surfin’ and ‘ Surfin’ Safari’. Murray Wilson had had some experience of the music business and most importantly, some contacts. He introduced The Pendletones to publisher Hite Morgan which lead to the group recording a demo of ‘Surfin’. Murray shopped the demo to Herb Newman who owned the Candix Record label. Candix would release the song (backed with ‘Luau’) but had changed the name of the group to The Beach Boys because the labels promotion man felt it would associate them more directly with the surf-music genre. By the end of 1961, ‘Surfin’ had sold 40,000 copies. 

Morgan asked some of The Beach Boys to add some vocals to some backing tracks he had recorded previously with some other musicians. These became the single credited to Kenny & The Cadets’ with Brian on lead vocals, backed with Carl and Jardine along with the Wilsons’ mother, Audree. Another member of Kenny & The Cadets was Val Polite who I believe was a member of the LA based vocal group, The Jaguars. Jardine would leave The Beach Boys to study dentistry and was replaced by David Marks. However, Candix had always struggled with cash flow problems and having a successful single actually didn’t help. Candix would go bankrupt and Murray Wilson tried to find the band a new label. Considering they had had a national hit, be it a small one (‘Surfin’ made number 75 in the Billboard top 100), labels such as Dot and Liberty turned them down feeling that the band where a one minor hit wonder.  

Capitol Records eventually signed the group to a seven year contract and work began on their debut album, ‘Surfin’ Safari’ and it because that album is 60 years old this month that I have put together this collection. This project originally started out as deluxe edition of that album. The Beach Boys have been one of the few bands (in my opinion) that in recent years, have served their fans well by opening up the vaults to the gold contained within. However, what they did not do very often was focus on one album releasing session and live tracks for the period. This would have been the first of those deluxe editions but when it came to it, this actually proved to be a bit tricker than it would be for other bands. That is because The Beach Boys put out so much product in a relatively short time, even by the standards of the 1960s. Just to put this into context, they released ten albums between 1962 and 1965. That does not include the single only tracks and the work Brian completed with other artists. He was a very busy man for the majority of the 60s. No wonder he had a break down at the end of the ‘Smile’ sessions. 

So instead of a deluxe edition of the albums, what I have put together instead is a collection that looks at a particular year, except with this first collection that covers the first three from their first home demos until the start of the sessions for their second album, ‘Surfin’ U.S.A.’. I have looked to include as many variations of a song that I could find. This includes demos, false takes and rehearsals. I took inspiration for these collections on the mighty fine compilation, ‘Becoming The Beach Boys – The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions’. This would take a song and have all of the versions of it before moving on to the next one. Granted, it does make it a bit of a heavy listen after the fifth breakdown of a take. 

I would also not normally include any songs that had the hand of Brian Wilson in it that wasn’t released under The Beach Boys name but on this one occasion, I have included those Kenny & The Cadet recordings here. Therefore, all of the other Brian Wilson solo recordings and outside productions are not included here as I think they should have a box set all to themselves. These tracks have also not been presented in the order in which they were recorded. I have followed the running order of the parent albums and added songs that were unreleased at the time where there was space. 

Disc 1 – 1960 Home Recordings

The first CD is a collection of home demos showing Brian getting use to working with the tape recorder as well as working out how to get the best performances out of the group. As a final note, it is interesting that there is a version of ‘Sloop John B’ on these early recordings as The Beach Boys would resist this around the time of their masterpiece ‘Pet Sounds’ LP. 

All of the songs on this disc were taken from ‘The Garage Tapes’ bootleg, except for track 2 which came from the ‘Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace Of A Musical Legacy’ compilation and track 11 which comes from the ‘Rarities 1962-1968’ bootleg. Even though the years on that bootleg are later than the music contained on this disc, track 11 sounds like the other home demos the band recorded so it goes here instead of later. 

  1. Vocal Rehearsal
  2. Happy Birthday Four Freshmen
  3. Surfin #1
  4. Surfin #2
  5. Surfin #3
  6. Surfin #4
  7. Surfin #5
  8. Surfin #6
  9. Surfin #7
  10. Surfin #8
  11. Surfin (Rehearsal)
  12. Bermuda Shorts #1
  13. Bermuda Shorts #2
  14. Sloop John B
  15. Good News
  16. Holly Gully
  17. Happy Birthday
  18. Dream
  19. To Spend One Night With You
  20. Brian At The Piano
  21. July 18th Celebration
  22. White Christmas
  23. Murray Directs Brian At The Organ

Disc 2

Discs 2 & 3 are from the ‘Becoming The Beach Boys – The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions’ with a couple of extra tracks from the earlier compilation ‘Studio Session 61-62*’ which included a couple of takes that were unavailable anywhere else. An alternative version of ‘Barbie’ is taken from the rare Japanese only compilation ‘Still I Dream Of You: Rare Works of Brian Wilson” from 1993 where it was listed at Take 2. 

  1. Surfin’ (Demo)
  2. Surfin’ (Takes 1 & 2)
  3. Surfin’ (Take 3)
  4. Surfin’ (Take 4)
  5. Surfin’ (Take 5)
  6. Surfin’ (Take 6)
  7. Surfin’ (Take 7)
  8. Surfin’ (Take 8)
  9. Surfin’ (Master)
  10. Luau (Demo Take 1)
  11. Luau (Demo Take 2)
  12. Luau (Demo Take 3)
  13. Luau (Takes 1 & 2)
  14. Luau (Takes 3, 5 & 6)
  15. Luau (Take 7)
  16. Luau (Takes 8, 9, 10 & 11)
  17. Luau (Take 12)
  18. Luau (Master)
  19. Lavender (Demo)*
  20. Lavender (Rehearsal Take 1)
  21. Lavender (Rehearsal Take 2)
  22. Lavender (Rehearsal Take 3)
  23. Surfin’ Safari (Takes 3 & 4)
  24. Surfin’ Safari (Takes 5 & 6)
  25. Surfin’ Safari (Take 10)
  26. Surfin’ Safari (Overdub Take 1 On Take 6)
  27. Surfin’ Safari (Overdub Take 2 On Take 10)
  28. Surfin’ Safari (Master)
  29. Surfin’ Safari (Stereo Overdub)

Disc 3

  1. Surfer Girl (Take 1)
  2. Surfer Girl (Take 2)
  3. Surfer Girl (Take 3)
  4. Surfer Girl (Take 4)
  5. Surfer Girl (Take 5)
  6. Surfer Girl (Take 6)
  7. Surfer Girl (Master)
  8. Surfer Girl (Overdub Lead Vocal)
  9. Judy (Take 1)
  10. Judy (Take 2)
  11. Judy (Overdub Takes 1 & 2)
  12. Judy (Overdub Take 4)
  13. Judy (Master)
  14. Judy (Demo – April 1962 Guitar Solo)
  15. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Take 1)
  16. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Rehearsal Take 2)
  17. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Overdub Take 1 On Take 1)
  18. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Overdub Take 2 On Take 1)
  19. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Candix Session)*
  20. Beach Boys Stomp (A.K.A. Karate) (Master)
  21. Barbie (Overdub Take 1) – Kenny & The Cadets
  22. Barbie (Overdub Take 2, 3 & 4) – Kenny & The Cadets
  23. Barbie (Overdub Take 5) – Kenny & The Cadets
  24. Barbie (Overdub Take 7) – Kenny & The Cadets
  25. Barbie (Mono Single Master) – Kenny & The Cadets
  26. Barbie (Mono Album Master) – Kenny & The Cadets
  27. Barbie (Alt. Version) – Kenny & The Cadets
  28. Barbie (Stereo) – Kenny & The Cadets*
  29. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Demo) – Kenny & The Cadets
  30. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Overdub Take 1) – Kenny & The Cadets
  31. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Overdub Take 3) – Kenny & The Cadets
  32. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Overdub Takes 4 & 5) – Kenny & The Cadets
  33. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Overdub Take 6) – Kenny & The Cadets
  34. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Overdub Take 7) – Kenny & The Cadets
  35. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Mono Master) – Kenny & The Cadets
  36. What Is A Young Girl Made Of (Stereo) – Kenny & The Cadets*

Disc 4

Discs 4 & 5 cover the sessions for the ‘Surfin’ Safari’ along with any other song that was recorded in 1962. This does include some versions of songs that would appear on the album that came out the following year. This includes both the mono and duophonic mixes of the album. 

** Surfin’ Safari

*** Surfin’ Safari (1990 Reissue)

****Surfer Girl

***** Little Deuce Coupe

^ Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Box Set)

^^ Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 (Bootleg)

^^^ Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3 (Bootleg)

^^^^ In The Beginning (Bootleg)

  1. Surfin’ Safari (Mono)**
  2. Surfin’ Safari (Duophonic)**
  3. Surfin Sarafi (2021 Stereo Mix)+++
  4. Country Fair (Instrumental)^^
  5. Country Fair (Overdub 2, Take 13)^^
  6. Country Fair (Mono)**
  7. Country Fair (Duophonic)**
  8. Ten Little Indians (Mono)**
  9. Ten Little Indians (Duophonic)**
  10. Chug-A-Lug (Mono)**
  11. Chug-A-Lug (Duophonic)**
  12. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental Takes 1 & 2)^^ 
  13. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental Takes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)^^
  14. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental Takes 9, 10, 11 & 12)^^
  15. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental Take 13)^^
  16. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Instrumental Take 15)^^
  17. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Mono)**
  18. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) (Duophonic)**
  19. 409 (Mono)**
  20. 409 (Duophonic)***
  21. Land Ahoy (Instrumental Take 1)^^
  22. Land Ahoy (Overdub 1, Takes 2 & 3)^^
  23. Land Ahoy (Overdub 1, Take 4)^^
  24. Land Ahoy (Overdub 1, Take 5)^^
  25. Land Ahoy****
  26. The Surfer Moon (Instrumental Take 1)^^
  27. The Surfer Moon (Instrumental Take 2)^^
  28. The Surfer Moon (Instrumental Take 3)^^
  29. The Surfer Moon (Vocal Overdub, Take 19)^^^^
  30. The Surfer Moon (1st Stereo Mix, Vocal Take)^^^
  31. The Surfer Moon (2nd Stereo Mix, Vocal Take)^^^
  32. The Surfer Moon (Mono)****
  33. The Surfer Moon (Stereo)****
  34. Their Hearts Were Full Off Spring (Demo)^

Disc 5

** Surfin’ Safari

*** Surfin’ Safari (1990 Reissue)

****Surfer Girl

***** Little Deuce Coupe

+ Made In California (Box Set)

++ Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace Of A Musical Legacy

+++Sounds Of Summer: The Best Of The Beach Boys (Expanded Super Deluxe)

^ Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Box Set)

^^ Unsurpassed Masters Vol.1 (Bootleg)

^^^ Unsurpassed Masters Vol.3 (Bootleg)

^^^^ In The Beginning (Bootleg) Surfin’ (Mono)**

  1. Surfin’ (Duophonic)**
  2. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Overdub 1, Take 13)^^
  3. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Overdub 1, Take 14, 15 & 16)^^
  4. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Overdub 1, Take 17)^^
  5. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Mono)**
  6. Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Duophonic)**
  7. Summertime Blues (Instrumental, Takes 1 & 2)^^
  8. Summertime Blues (Instrumental, Take 3)^^
  9. Summertime Blues (Instrumental, Take 4)^^
  10. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 5)^^
  11. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Takes 6 & 7)^^
  12. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 8)^^
  13. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 9)^^
  14. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 10)^^
  15. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 11)^^
  16. Summertime Blues (Overdub, Take 12)^^
  17. Summertime Blues (Mono)**
  18. Summertime Blues (Duophonic)**
  19. Cuckoo Clock (Instrumental)^^
  20. Cuckoo Clock (Overdub 2, Take 12)^^
  21. Cuckoo Clock (Mono)**
  22. Cuckoo Clock (Duophonic)**
  23. The Shift (Mono)**
  24. The Shift (Duophonic)**
  25. Cindy, Oh Cindy (Instrumental, Take 1)^^
  26. Cindy, Oh Cindy (Instrumental, Takes 2, 3 & 4)^^
  27. Cindy, Oh Cindy (Instrumental, 5, 6 & 7)^^
  28. Cindy, Oh Cindy (Instrumental, Take 8)^^
  29. Cindy, Oh Cindy (Vocal Take)^^
  30. Cindy, Oh Cindy***
  31. Lonely Sea (Mono)**
  32. Lonely Sea (Stereo)**
  33. Lonely Sea (Original Long Mono Version)+
  34. Surfin’ U.S.A. (Demo With Drums)++

The cover image was taken at the same photo session that produced the shot used for ‘Surfin’ Safari’ LP sleeve.

Various Artists – The Boys Diabolical OST

Even though the first series of ‘The Boys’ came out in 2019, this was another one of those shows that I did not see until lockdown. Based upon a comic book, ‘The Boys’ is set in a world where superheroes are seen as heroes by the general public but in the background, they are arrogant and/or corrupt. I am not going to say too much more because if you have not seen it, it is well worth a watch. 

What I didn’t realise until earlier this month was that there was a spin off series that came out between seasons 2 and 3. It was called ‘The Boys Present: Diabolical’. This series was made up of eight episodes all on a different theme and using a different animation style for each. When looking on line, the only soundtrack I found was based upon the original music created for the series. I wanted one that included all of the songs used in this series so this is it. Unlike the majority of my playlists, this one is not designed to be replicated on vinyl.  

  1. Arirang – Hyesu Wiedmann
  2. Kimokawaii – Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson
  3. Laser Baby’s Day Out – Julie Bernstein & Steven Bernstein
  4. Only Wanna Be With You – Hootie & The Blowfish
  5. Pusher Man – Curtis Mayfield
  6. Boyd In 3d – Sherri Chung
  7. Queso – Pell
  8. An Animated Short Where Pissed-Off Supes Kill Their Parents – Ryan Elder
  9. Levitating – Dua Lipa
  10. I’m Your Pusher – Christopher Lennertz & Matt Bowen
  11. Gimmie – All Talk
  12. Bffs – Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson
  13. Take My Picture – Five Knives
  14. Nubian Vs. Nubian – Dara Taylor
  15. Augenbling – Speed
  16. John & Sun Her – Hyesu Widmann
  17. Old Town Road – Lil Has X (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus)
  18. One Plus One Equals Two – Christopher Lennertz & Matt Bowen
  19. Frog Quest 2 – Nervy Talkie

The artwork is taken from the official soundtrack cover. 

Smashing Pumpkins – The Aeroplane Flies High (Single LP Edition)

In October 2020, I put together a couple of Smashing Pumpkins playlists. What this lead to was playing through their back catalogue from Gish to Adore and all points in between. Apart from the stylistic differences between the records (no doubt down increased budgets and Billy Corgan’s ego), the band hit a real purple patch around the recording of the ‘Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness’ album. I say band and not just Corgan because this was the last period where they actually were a band. James Iha contributed a good number of tunes during this period, he and D’Arcy actually contributed musically (instead of having any parts they played replayed by Corgan) and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin even contributed vocals to the song ‘Farewell & Goodnight’. The band dynamic would never be the same after Chamberlin was fired from the band during the Mellon Collie tour after he and touring keyboard player Jonathan Melvoin both suffered a drugs overdose. Melvin died but Chamberlin, who had struggling with substance abuse for a fews years before this time was given his marching orders to ostensibly protect his health. 

Corgan, and the rest of the band to a lesser extent, must have lived in rehearsal rooms and the studio, laying down numerous takes of what feels like 100 tunes before settling on the 28 that made up the original ‘Mellon Collie’ album. With so many musical outtakes left in the can, the Pumpkins ended up releasing many of them at the time as B-Sides to the ‘Mellon Collie’ singles which would be collected into a box set called ‘The Aeroplane Flies High’. I remember seeing this release before hearing about it and its presentation was what drew me in to begin with. The five singles had been collected in a box that look liked the carry cases used to transport 7 inch singles in, included a handle. 

The box set also contained some exclusive recordings of cover songs which were included on the ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ single. When I initially played it, I found it impenetrable. There were 33 songs on it and the ‘Pastichio Medley’ seemed to take an eternity to finish. Come to think of it, that first play through of this box set might be the only time I have listened to that track all the way through. This set was not something to play all the way through, but to dip a toe into once in a while to take in the delights that could be unlocked and what delights they were to behold. This is not just some collection of third rate outtakes put out to fleece the fans of their hard earned cash. It proved to be full of A-Grade material that showcased a different dimension to the band and so I come to this collection. 

Whilst playing it again recently, I wondered what this set would sound like if it was complied as an album in the style of ‘Pisces Iscariot’. The band’s record label had had a go themselves at this by releasing a 12 track promo album from the box set back in 1996, but when playing the track in that order did not do the parent release justice. I thought that following the template of ‘Pisces Iscariot’ would allow for more songs as that contained 14 tracks. What I didn’t release until putting this compilation together was how long ‘Pisces Iscariot’ was, clocking in 57 minutes. That must have been a strain on the LP version, which as far as I can tell was not edited down. 

My version of ‘The Aeroplane Flies High’ clocks in at 51 minutes but is still based on the LP format. Therefore, both sides should match up in terms of side length, because back in the day, you had to take into consideration the cassette buying fans. Like ‘Pisces Iscariot’, there are 14 songs on the record, one written by James Iha (and includes guest vocals from Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt), a bonus 7 inch single (for those lucky enough to get hold of an early copy) and two cover versions. The biggest difference between this and ‘Pisces Iscariot’ is that the bonus single contain the cover versions.

This version does include one song that was released on the LP version of ‘Mellon Collie’ but as this only ever released in the UK back in 1996 and in very limited numbers, this would have been new to most listeners. 

What was evident from listening back to the deluxe editions of ‘Mellon Collie’ and ‘The Aeroplane Flies High’ is that Billy Corgan had great musical ideas to burn. If this album had been released instead of the box set, this would have been seen as more than just a spiritual successor to ‘Pisces Iscariot’ and been as big a hit as the box set had been (well, in the USA anyway). 

Side A

  1. Blank
  2. Transformer
  3. Set The Ray To Jerry
  4. Marquis In Spades
  5. The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)
  6. Medellia Of The Grey Skies

Side B

  1. …Said Sadly
  2. Mouths Of Babes
  3. Cherry
  4. Jupiter’s Lament
  5. Meladori Magpie
  6. Pennies
  7. The Last Song
  8. Tonite Reprise

Bonus 7” Single

  1. Clones (We’re All)
  2. You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

The front cover has been adapted from The Aeroplane Flies High Promo CD release.

The Pink Fairies – The Collection

Back in the dim distant past, or before the internet, finding out information about more obscure bands was a very hit and miss affair. Record Collector Magazine was a good place to start but this did depend on if the editor felt that that particular artists would help sell more copies that month, or the odd reference book. In my case, it was whether I or my family knew someone who had a record collection that they had built up throughout their life and didn’t mind me playing them. Even better was when some of these family friends donated their vinyl to archive. One such occasion happened in 1992. This  particular collection contained records that mostly dated from the 70s and was full of bands and artists a good many I had never heard of. One of those is the featured artists in this post, and that is the Pink Fairies. 

The album in my hands turned out be part of record label Polydor’s Flashback series. The Flashback series was Polydor mining their back catalogue but in a different way from other labels. Whereas other label would produce Greatest Hits or Best Of compilations, Polydor took a different route and produce a good number of budget priced compilations of big names (Cream, Hendrix), bands that had been on the label, or associate label but moved onto pastures new (Fairport Convention), cult acts (Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa) and half forgotten acts (Pink Fairies). Now, at the time, I knew nothing of this. In front of me was an album with a pink background with three hairy looking musicians giving it plenty on stage and a list of songs contained within. The back cover gave a very short history of the band which included a limited list of records the band had released. As soon as I put the needle on the vinyl and the first song played, I knew I was entering into a different world. 

The Pink Fairies came out of the Ladbrooke Groove underground scene of the early 70s. They played the first Glastonbury as well as appearing outside the gates of the Isle of Wight festival. On the second of these, the band played outside because not only were they not on the bill, but felt that music should be free. That being said, they did release three albums on a major label in their first incarnation and people would have had to pay for these. Anyway, it from these early years that this collection is drawn from. The music the band produced was a heady mix of good time rock ’n’ roll from their most self written material with the odd cover in there. Original guitar player Paul Rudolph played a mean guitar and it was wild solo on the opening track of the Flashback album that mesmerised me in the first place. That song was ‘The Snake’, and when you hear it you will see what I mean. Rudolph left after the second album to be replaced with first Mick Wayne, who only appeared on the ‘Well, Well, Well’ single and then Larry Wallis who stuck around for the last album, ‘King Of Oblivion’. After this taster, I was after more Fairies records to add to the collection.

Back in the early days of me collecting records, having to find a record by an obscure artist I was getting into was a very hot and miss affair, and mostly it involved misses. That was down to one simple factor; luck. Not only did the second hand record shop you went to have to have it (which was unlikely), I also had to hope that it was within my merger budget. As it was, on my first trip out I picked up a copy of ‘King Of Oblivion’. That might explain why it has more songs on this compilation that the other Fairies records. The original trio of albums were available in the early 90s on some rather pricey Japanese import CDs, but being a student at the time, I was unable to afford them.  I did pick up a couple more albums along the way but these were from one or more of the numerous times the band has got back together down the years. None of them held a torch to what the band had produced before and that was not probably the reason why they were so cheap. You live and learn. There was the odd semi legitimate release (most of which came from Italy) which had some live stuff, especially from he archives of the BBC. Then, in 2002, the original albums were dusted off by Polydor and released on CD with bonus tracks. Finally I was able to hear then all for the first time after ten years of waiting. As with most of these things, the anticipation only lead to the hardest of falls. I had already heard most of the best songs on the records I had in the collection already. it did feel like a bit of a let down, but it was great to hear them finally and I was able to put this compilation together that I present to you here. Enjoy.

  1. Thor – Never Never Land
  2. Johnny B. Goode – BBC In Concert Radio Broadcast 1971
  3. The Snake Single – A-Side
  4. Portobello Shuffle  – What A Bunch Of Sweeties
  5. Say You Love Me – Never Never Land
  6. Lucille – BBC In Concert Radio Broadcast 1971
  7. City Kids – Kings Of Oblivion
  8. Chromium Plating – Kings Of Oblivion
  9. Raceway – Kings Of Oblivion
  10. Well, Well, Well – Single A-Side
  11. Do It – Single B-Side
  12. Chambermaid – Kings Of Oblivion
  13. Going Down  – What A Bunch Of Sweeties (2002 Reissue)
  14. Right On, Fight On – What A Bunch Of Sweeties
  15. I Wish I Was A Girl – Kings Of Oblivion
  16. Street Urchin – Kings Of Oblivion

Out of all of the bands that I have posted about, I thought that this would be another one in which I would not be able to produce a Spotify playlist. Well, it just goes to show how wrong you can be. Every song is on there, even the BBC In Concert session. I was amazed. What that does mean is that you can enjoy this Pink Fairies compilation as much as I have down the years. 

The front cover is adapted from their debut release, ‘Never Never Land’.