Imaginary Album Covers 2023

Well, it is the last day of 2023 and in a follow up to last year, here are another collection of pictures I have found on line that look like LP covers. I have tried to acknowledge the person who took the picture, but if there isn’t one, it is because I took them from the wonderful X (Twitter) account ‘Images That Could Be Album Covers’ (@ImagesAlbum).

Jaroslaw Kolacz – All Dressed Up……

The photo was taken by Jaroslaw Kolacz & I used him as the recording artist as well. The rest of the title (& nowhere to go) would have appeared on the back if there had been one.

Pentagram Of Venus – Standing Stones

Taken from the @dr_places X/Twitter page

The Redeems – A Quiet Night Out

~From Twitter user @ollsjam. Re’em is a mythological animal from the Hebrew Bible. Some say this is a Oryx so a sketch of the animal has been included as the band logo.  

Motel – You Look So Lonely

I did not add the title nor the name of the band. There were already in the graphic & it was perfect as it was.

The Red Lines – Eye Of The Needle

The Hooligans – Self Portrait

Saint Cecilia – Return Ticket

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians.

Orange 1-4 – When God Calls

I loved the image but I am not sure that the graphic works with it

An Academy Of Sparrows – Air In A Curved Rainbow

A play on the classic album, ‘A Rainbow In Curved Air’ by Terry Riley

Deep Six – Caution Wet Floor

The Pagoda Six – The Past Is A Foreign Country

Halo – Seen The Light

Imaginary Album Covers

I came across a wonderful Twitter account called Images That Could Be Album Covers recently. Over Christmas, I thought that I would give these fake band names & album titles.

Wind Waves – Wind Waves (Self Titled)
The Radical Doods – The Devil Is In The Detail
Neruval – Senses Deleted
Ingenium – Ice Cream Planet
Sea Radio – Blood Red Sun
Stereo Club – Room With A View
Anderson Council – Original Conceit
Bleeding Death – Hell
The Crimson Brothers – Daylight To Minas
Power Lines – Established Title
St. Charteris – Reflector
Lateral Movies – Nothing To See Here!
Uber Maschine – The Word According To……
Wry Smile – Honest Affair
Five Poets – Milky Way Holiday
Jawbone – Born In The Shadows

A New Feature

A new feature on The Squire Presents website are playlists (or mix CDs) that I will be listing from now on. This is because I am old enough to remember slaving over a Hi-Fi system creating mixtapes to play on my ever-present Walkman. When tape went by the wayside, there was the MiniDisc, which I used for a couple of years, but these never really took off in the same way tapes had. The best feature of the MiniDisc though was the ability to move songs without having to re-record them, or delete a song from the playlist if the flow didn’t sound quite right. The sound quality of the MiniDisc might not have been the best, but when played through Walkman Headphones, the tunes sounded pretty good to me.

Then I got hold of a PC with a CD burner. Having a computer to create playlists offered a great deal of freedom. This freedom included the ability to move songs around the playlist, edit songs, fade songs into one another and even create my own artwork. CDs might be seen as a bit old hat (even though in 2020, they seem to still be the most popular format for buying physical music), I still like to put together a playlist of songs, be it various or single artists, to the length of a CD. Therefore, I will be presenting these playlists including, where appropriate, the specific version of the song that was used as well as any further information I thought you may find interesting. For the most part, I also look to fill the entire CD (max length is about 1 hour, 19 minutes and 40 seconds), but sometimes the mix sounds right at a shorter playing time. Most probably there wasn’t enough material from an artist to fill an entire CD that sounded good to me. These are personal mixes where the songs flow is as important as the songs included. I have also tried not to use the same song (or at least the same version) on more than one compilation (in the same way I tried not to double up on the podcasts), but sometimes, it happens. I will be posting the first of these in the next few days. Enjoy.