Various Artists – The Big Labowski (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

On the 24th April 1998, ‘The Big Labowski’ arrived in UK cinemas. It is the story of the Jeffrey ‘The Due’ Lebowski who is attacked in his home instead of similarly named character with much greater financial means and a trophy wife (who would seem to be the cause of the problems). Through a series of adventures, an amazing cast of characters, catch praises, white Russians and a perfect soundtrack, the film was the Coen Brother’s attempt at developing a story that was inspired by the works of Raymond Chandler. If you have not seen the film, it is well worth a watch.

The music was used by the film makers to represent the characters. For example, a Latino character called Jesus is introduced with the Gypsy Kings cover of ‘Hotel California’. The song is sung moistly in Spanish and when it plays as Jesus bowls, you only see the visuals as well as the music. When the character of Maude Labowski (daughter of the other Labowski) is first seen, the music playing is ‘Walking Song’ by avant-guarde vocalist Meredith Monk. This fits with the character as Maude is an avant-guard artist. They go a step further with the group of German Nihilists. There are references to the actual band Kraftwerk in connection with the Nihilists,  including using a parody of the Man Machine album and naming their band Autobahn. A more in-depth article can be read here on this subject

In honour of this wonderful film and the music contained within it, I have decided to put together a 25th Anniversary Soundtrack album. This is not quite a complete soundtrack as there are snippets of songs throughout that are not included here, mostly because it is hard to work out what some of them are. There is the possibility that it would have made this set a little on the long side. Disc 1 is the same as the soundtrack album that was released back in 1998 with Disc 2 being filled with an additional set of songs not included before. 

Disc 1

  1. The Man In Me – Bob Dylan
  2. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles – Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
  3. My Mood Swings – Elvis Costello
  4. Ataypura – Yma Sumac
  5. Traffic Boom – Piccioni
  6. I Got I Bad & That Ain’t Good – Nina Simone
  7. Theme/Stamping Ground – Moondog
  8. Just Dropped In (Top See What Condition My Condition Was In) – Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
  9. Walking Song – Meredith Monk
  10. Gluck Das Mit Verbleib – Llona Steingruber, Anton Dermota & The Austrian State Radio Orchestra
  11. Lujon – Henry Mancini
  12. Hotel California – The Gypsy Kings
  13. Technopop – Carter Burwell
  14. Dead Flowers – Townes Van Zandt

Disc 2

  1. Branded Theme Song – Dominic Frontiere & Alan Alch
  2. Mucha Muchacha – Esquivel
  3. Dick On The Case – Carter Burwell
  4. I Hate You – The Monks
  5. Tumbling Tumbleweeds – Sons Of The Pioneers
  6. Behave Yourself – Booker & The MG’s
  7. Run Through The Jungle – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  8. Standing On The Corner – Dean Martin
  9. Pictures At An Exhibition – Mussorgsky
  10. Oye Como Va – Santana
  11. Piacere Sequence – Teo Usuelli
  12. Peaceful Easy Feeling – The Eagles
  13. Lookin’ Out My Back Door – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  14. Tammy – Debbie Reynolds
  15. We Venerate Thy Cross – The Rustavi Choir
  16. Requiem In D Minor (Introitus & Lacrimosa) – The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir
  17. Viva Las Vegas – Shawn Covin

RSD Special – Beth Orton

Another year, another Record Store Day so I thought it was high time I came up with a fantasy release that I hope to one day would come out, even though it is highly unlikely. In 2022, there was a RSD re-release of 1996’s ‘Trailer Park’, the album Beth Orton considers her debut. However, three years before that, she released her true debut, ‘SuperPinkMandy’. Released only in Japan and in limited numbers, this would be an ideal candidate for a re-release, especially as there was not a vinyl version in 1993.

It is unlikely ever to see re-release as Orton does not particularly like the album. In interviews, she claims that ‘Trailer Park’ is her debut and brushes over ‘Superpinkmandy’. There was a little bit of acknowledgement that this album actually exists on her ‘Pass In Time’ compilation. Two songs from ‘Superpinkmandy’ made the album: ‘Don’t Wanna Know Bout Evil’ and ‘Where Do You Go’. A third song, ‘She Cries Your Name’; would be re-recorded and was the opening song on ‘Trailer Park’. So, what would be included on my fantasy RSD release. 

Not only will it include the whole of ‘SuperPinkMandy’, but a collection of songs that she was on that came out before ‘Trailer Park’. This double LP contains collaborations with William Orbit, Red Snapper and The Chemical Brothers. Your can tell that ’SuperPinkMandy’ was released without vinyl in mind as the track listing on the CD, if transferred to an LP would have sides very different in length. The track listing has therefore been changed slightly to accommodate this. 

Some of the contributions Orton made to some of these records is minimal with either just a word repeated over and over again or wordless vocals. This is not a complete collection of Orton’s music before she release ‘Trailer Park’, but it is good representation of what she had produced before that point. 

Side A (SuperPinkMandy)

  1. Don’t Worry About Evil
  2. Faith Will Carry 
  3. Yesterday’s Gone
  4. She Cries Your Name
  5. City Blue

Side B (SuperPinkMandy)

  1. When You Wake
  2. Roll The Dice
  3. The Prisoner
  4. Where Did You Go?
  5. Release Me

Side C (Collaborations)

  1. Snapper – Red Snapper
  2. In Deep  – Red Snapper
  3. Million Town – William Orbit

Side D (Collaborations)

  1. She Cries Your Name – William Orbit (Strange Cargo Hinterland Version)
  2. Kiss The Bee – William Orbit
  3. Water From A Vine Leaf – William Orbit
  4. Alive Alone – Chemical Brothers

I decided to call it ‘Before Trailer Park’, because that is essentially what it is. The cover is minimal to reflect the era in which it came out, when the artwork of albums had to accommodate cassette and CD packaging. The less the better.

As an added bonus, there is another double album combining two extra projects in collaboration with William Orbit. The first disc is comprised of the Spill EP, and the second is the ‘Water From A Vine Leaf’ EP. None of the versions of ‘Water From A Vine Leaf’ are the same as the one presented on the ‘Before Trailer Park’ album. 

Side A

  1. Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil (Rumble Mix)
  2. Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil (Tumble mix)

Side B

  1. Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil (Danny’s Moto Mix)
  2. Don’t Wanna Know ‘Bout Evil (The Groovy Beats)

Side C

  1. Water From A Vine Leaf (Edit)
  2. Water From A Vine Leaf (Xylem Flow Mix) (Spooky Remix)
  3. Water From A Vine Leaf (Acid Bath Mix) (Spooky Remix)

Side D

  1. Water From A Vine Leaf (Underwater Mix Part 2) (Underworld Remix)
  2. Water From A Vine Leaf (Cromer Chroma Mix)

The cover is adapted from the cover of the ‘Spill’ EP.

Various Artists – The Psychedelic Years Vol.4

It is the fourth month so it must be time for Volume 4 in my series of collections looking back at the Psychedelic Years. This one includes songs that could be said not to be psychedelic at all. For instance, ‘Baby, Come On’ is a bit of prog mixed with hard rock. ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ by The Yardbirds, freakbeat and ‘Except From A Teenage Opera’ by Keith West, a straight pop record. It all depends on what your definition of psych is and does it really matter as I think this compilation holds together quite nicely.

The first few songs on Disc 1 come from the ‘Circus Days’ compilation and there is the usual mix of well known artists (The Rolling Stones, Traffic, The Kinks), bands who were just starting out but would end being hugely successful (Genesis, The Bee Gees) and people in bands other than the one that made them famous (Jeff Lynne of The Idle but more famous for being in ELO). There is also quite a few artists on here who needed up not doing very much at all but let us with at least one memorable song.

Disc 1

  1. Baby, Come On – Opus
  2. Finding It Rough – Hat & Tie
  3. Nobody Wants You Now – Los Brincos
  4. Don’t Make A Sound – Kate
  5. Mr. Jones – Apple
  6. He’s A Dear Old Weatherman – Mark Wirtz
  7. Girl From New York – Billy Nicholls
  8. Phoebe’s Flower Shop – The Cortinas
  9. Colour Sergeant Lillywhite – West Coast Consortium
  10. Within’ The Night – Velvett Fogg
  11. Love Me ‘Till The Sun Shines (BBC Session) – The Kinks
  12. Five White Horses – Sun Dragon
  13. The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane – Timon
  14. Seeing Things Green – Yellow Bellow Room Boom
  15. Paper Man – Noah’s Ark
  16. Golden Apples – The Californians
  17. Crazy One – Ramases & Selket
  18. Grey Skies – The Pretty Thins
  19. Real Life Permanent Dream – Orange Machine
  20. The Clown – Eire Apparent
  21. LIfe’s Sweet Music – Mortimer
  22. When The Wind Arises – The Rokes
  23. Cryin’ To Be Heard – Traffic
  24. Tide – Octopus
  25. A Place To Call My Own – Genesis

Disc 2

  1. Time Will Show The Wiser – Fairport Convention
  2. Over Under Sideways Down – The Yardbirds
  3. Send Me A Postcard -Shocking Blue
  4. That’s The Way It’s Got To Be – The Poets
  5. All Day All Night  – Blonde On Blonde 
  6. Water Woman – The Amazing Friendly Apple
  7. Pink Dawn – Human Instinct
  8. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On – Double Feature
  9. Lady on A Bicycle – Kippington Lodge
  10. Looking For The Sun – The Plague
  11. Frederick Jordan – The Glass Menagerie 
  12. Trick Or Two – Shy Limbs
  13. Hurry Up John – The Idle Race
  14. Man In Black – Skip Bifferty
  15. Henry Long – The Epics
  16. Holiday – The Bee Gees
  17. 2000 Man – The Rolling Stones
  18. Except From A Teenage Opera – Keith West
  19. Lady Caroline – Velvet Fogg
  20. Oh! What A Performance – Nirvana (UK)
  21. Circus With A Female Clown – The Fingers
  22. Dream Machine – Svensk
  23. Last Cloud Home – Orange Bicycle
  24. The Light Of Love – Humble Pie
  25. Memories – Red Dirt
  26. This Will Be Our Year – The Zombies
  27. Back To The City – Sandy Coast
  28. Nite Is A-Comin’ – Warm Sounds

Hunters II – Original Soundtrack

I waited the best part of three years for the second season of Hunters to come out. It was one of a number of shows that I enjoyed watching during the first lockdown and I had not seen anything to say that it had been cancelled (unlike some other Amazon shows which came out at the same time e.g. Utopia). Low and behold, the second (and last series) came out with little or no fanfare at the start of 2023 which was a shame as I feel that most people would have missed that (including myself initially). 

In compiling this album, I wanted to follow the template I followed when completing the soundtrack to season 1. That is, the songs must fit onto the vinyl format and they must have been released before the latest year in TV show is set. That year being 1979, which means a number of the songs from this season could not be used. This also meant I could not include any of the incidental music as well. 

Unlike season 1, there seemed to be a lot less music to choose from so this LP would be a single. Whoever was responsible for compiling the music for this show did a rather fine job, with the music reflecting the location the characters were in. For example, when the action is in France, French artists are used and so forth. With the German music, it seems that all of it was pre World War 2. Good work whoever you are. 

Side A

  1. La Plus Belle Chanson du Monde – Jacqueline Taïeb
  2. Malaguena – Xavier Cugat
  3. Barba Costa – Koko
  4. Pobrecita – Julito Rodriguez Y Su Trio
  5. Ver Der Ershter Vet Lachen – Mike Burstein
  6. Can You Tell Me – Heat Exchange
  7. Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston
  8. Love Will Keep Us Together – Captain & Tennille

Side B

  1. It’s Getting Better – Mama Cass
  2. Best Things In Life – The Dreamliners
  3. I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song – Jim Croce
  4. Geronimo – Bobby Valentin
  5. Shabes-Shabes – Jan Bart
  6. I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking (Single Version) – The Supremes
  7. Le Temps Est Bon – Isabelle Pierre
  8. Green Green Grass Of Home – Tom Jones

The cover was direct lift from the official soundtrack with the bottom edited off. 

Check out the soundtrack to season one