Various Artists – The Psychedelic Years Vol.2

The second volume of my trawl through the Psych years and both of these discs have songs taken from ‘The Rubble Collection’ compilations. This was originally a series of 20 LPs released by the Bam-Curoso label, intent on digging up rare gems from the psychedelic period. The series started in 1984 and continued until 2002 before being collected in two rather fine box sets in 2003 (which is where I first heard them). As a side note, the band Argosy could be argued to be something of a supergroup in the making as both songs were written and sung by Roger Hodgson, who would later go on to form Supertramp. Also included on the disc was Elton John, Caleb Quaye (who was responsible for the rather good song ‘Woman of Distinction on Disc 1) and Nigel Olsson.  Quaye and Olsson would later become members of the Elton John band.   

Disc 1

  1. Faster Than Light – The Mirror
  2. Woman Of Distinction – Caleb
  3. Hold On – Ipsissimus
  4. Cast A Spell – The Open Mind
  5. Tracy Took A Trip – The Executives
  6. Here We Go ‘Round The Lemon Tree – Jason Crest
  7. Lollipop Minds – Wimple Witch
  8. William Chalker’s Time Machine – The Lemon Tree
  9. Barricades – The Koobas
  10. Celestial Empire – Dragonfly
  11. On The Beach – Finders Keepers
  12. Daughter Of The Moon – Sharon Tandy & Fleur De Lys
  13. Matrimonial Fears – The Cymbaline
  14. Anymore Than I Do – The Attack
  15. Anniversary Of Love – Ice
  16. Love & Beauty – The Moody Blues
  17. My World Fell Down – The Ivy League
  18. Tales Of Flossie Fillet – Turquoise
  19. Why May I Now Know? – Waterloo
  20. You Know That I’ll Be There – Peter & The Blizzards
  21. Wedding Of 100 Brides – The Motions
  22. A Place In The Sun – Jason Crest
  23. That Day – The Golden Ear-Rings
  24. Twenty Ten – Tinkerbells Fairydust
  25. 3:30 A.M. – Unit 4 + 2
  26. After Tea – The Spencer Davis Group

Disc 2

  1. Guess I Was Dreaming – The Fairytale
  2. Woodstock – Turquoise
  3. Fade Away Maureen – The Cherry Smash
  4. Gong With A Luminous Nose – Les Fleur De Lys
  5. Baby I Need You – Curiosity Shoppe
  6. Magic Rocking Horse – Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours
  7. Grounded – The Syn
  8. Eagle’s Son – The Pretty Things
  9. Romantic Attitude – John Fitch & Associates
  10. Turquoise Tandem Cycle – Jason Crest
  11. With Love For 1-5 – The State Of Mickey & Tommy
  12. Jack In The Box – The Jackppots
  13. Brother Can You Spare A Dime – St Valentine’s Day Massacre
  14. QIII – Eyes Of Blue
  15. The Real Thing Parts 1&2 – Russell Morris
  16. Come Again – Billy Nicholls
  17. Imagine – Argosy
  18. Buffalo Bully Can – Apple
  19. Love-Maker – Callum Bryce
  20. The Wall – The Fruit Machine
  21. Dream With Me – Andy Forray
  22. Spot The Lights – The Barrier
  23. Pain Of My Misfortune – The Moving Finger
  24. Mr Boyd – Argosy
  25. Dear Mr. Fantasy – Traffic 

Otis Redding – The Collection

For many year, I didn’t have a lot of Otis Redding records in my collection. A couple of singles and a best of, but this changed in 2015 when Rhino decided to put out the great man’s albums in a box set called Soul Manifesto 1964-1970. This contained all of the albums he released during his life time, and the most of the posthumous albums with the exception of 1992’s Remember Me. What was most surprising about this posthumous releases was the high quality fo the music that was on them. When an artists has died, these releases can be seen as a cash grab for the record label and full of substandard material that the artist had felt was not worth releasing at the time. Not so in Redding’s case. He seemed to have a knack of writing a good tune, but also picking out awesome ones to cover. Hence this three disc set. I set out to make a single or double disc compilation at most, but there was so much good material, it was hard to keep it to three. The story of Redding’s life and untimely death have been told many times so I came going to let his music do the talking, especially as I am still putting the finishing touches to my next post and that one is taking a lot longer to research and put together than all of the other posts I have put together before this put together. Well, that is the way it seems anyway. Enjoy.

Disc 1

  1. Shake
  2. Love Man
  3. Any Ole Way
  4. Pain In My Heart
  5. Tramp*
  6. Chained & Bound (Single Version)
  7. Direct Me (Mono)
  8. Hard To Handle (Mono)
  9. Security
  10. That’s What My Heart Needs
  11. These Arms Of Mine (Single Version)
  12. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
  13. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
  14. Come To Me
  15. Down In The Valley
  16. You’ve Made A Man Out Of Me
  17. Tell The Truth
  18. 634-5789
  19. That’s A Good Idea
  20. Your One & Only Man
  21. Nobody Knows You (When You’re Down & Out)
  22. Bring It On Home To Me*
  23. It’s Growing
  24. I’m A Changed Man (Mono)
  25. Don’t Mess With Cupid
  26. Tennessee Waltz
  27. When Something is Wrong With My Baby*
  28. For Your Precious Love
  29. Change Gonna Come

Disc 2

  1. Stay In School
  2. The Boston Monkey
  3. Trick Or Treat
  4. Look At The Girl
  5. Home in Your Heart
  6. A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
  7. I Love You More Than Words Can Say
  8. I’m Coming Home To See About You
  9. The Hucklebuck
  10. Got To Get Myself Together
  11. I Got The Will
  12. Lovely Dovey*
  13. Johnny’s Heartbreak
  14. Remember Me
  15. I’m Coming Home
  16. Open The Door
  17. Groovin’ Time
  18. I Can’t Turn You Loose
  19. Let Me Come On Home
  20. You’re Still My Baby
  21. Free Me
  22. Are You Lonely For Me Baby?*
  23. Give Away None Of My Love
  24. The Happy Song (Dum-Dum-De-De-De-Dum-Dum)
  25. Champagne & Wine
  26. Everybody Makes Mistakes
  27. You Don’t Miss Your Water
  28. Amen

Disc 3

  1. Demonstration
  2. She Put The Hurt On Me
  3. Tell It Like It Is*
  4. Rock me Baby
  5. Don’t Leave Me This Way
  6. I Need Your Lovin’
  7. It Takes Two*Living By The Pund (Take 1)
  8. The Dog
  9. I’m Sick Y’All
  10. Something Is Worrying Me
  11. I Want To Thank You
  12. Keep Your Arms Around Me
  13. You Got Good Lovin’
  14. Mary’s Little Lamb
  15. The Match Game 
  16. You Left The Water Running
  17. Sweet Lorene
  18. A Lover’s Question
  19. Nobody’s Fault by Mine
  20. A Little Time
  21. Love Have Mercy
  22. Think About It
  23. The Glory of Love 
  24. That’s How Strong My Love Is
  25. My Lover’s Prayer
  26. I’ve Been Loving Too Long
  27. Try A Little Tenderness

* Otis Redding & Carla Thomas

Only Disc 1 could be reproduced on Spotify to some of the songs not being available on that platform. 

Various Artists – Hey Joe’s

A bit of an odd one here, or just different; I’ll let you decide. I knew that ‘Hey Joe’ was not an original song by Jimi Hendrix but it could be argued that it is the most well know of all of the versions that have been recorded. I must admit that I I wasn’t really aware of any others until I started listening to American Garage bands of the mid 60’s. The excellent ‘Nuggets’ box set from 1998 introduced me to the version by The Leaves, which was considerably faster than the version released by Hendrix. Later on when I started to buy up the expanded editions of The Byrds back catalogue at the turn of the century, they had included a version of the song on their ‘5th Dimension’ album, but this was of a similar speed to The Leaves version. It would seem that any band worth their salt in the Southern California music scene was playing it. 

The authorship of the song has been contested down the years. Some recordings list it as traditional, some by Dino Valenti (which was a pseudonym of Quicksilver Messenger Services’ Chet Powers) or Billy Roberts. 

Roberts copyrighted the song in 1962 and is said to have been performing it for a few years before this. Roberts may well have taken inspiration from other songs for his own, being as he was part of the folk tradition and in that authorship can be a lot more fluid. Just look at some of the works of Bob Dylan. Roberts could well have taken inspiration for his song from the following. ‘Little Sadie’, a traditional folk ballad which does go by a number of other names (such as Bad Lee Brown and Late One Night). It tells the story of a man who is arrested after a shooting a woman, the identity of whom changes depending on the version. The earliest version of this song I could find was released in 1930 by Clarence Ashley. ‘Hey Joe’ by Carl Smith which not only shares the title but the idea of questioning between the characters in the song. Lastly, there is ’Baby Please Don’t Go to Town’ which was written by Roberts’ girlfriend, by Niela Horn.  This last one shares a similar chord progression and melody. 

While the authorship of the song was contested even back in the 60’s, the song itself became a garage rock classic. It it even made its way to the UK when it was recorded by Kenny Barnard, even though he changed the lyrics so he could claim a writers credit for himself. 

It was upon hearing this version by Bernard that inspired me to think about a compilation of the versions recorded before Hendrix did. The Hendrix version is so famous that the slow version became the norm after it was released and the garage rock version played at a much higher tempo has therefore been all but forgotten. I wondered if there were enough versions of it to compile a LP’s worth of material and to my surprise, there was. I have included the demo recording that Roberts made in the early 60s as the opening track followed by The Rogues. This is not strictly ‘Hey Joe’, but seems to be more of an answer record, something we don’t see very often these days. It uses a very similar chord sequence and structure but it is a bit odd to have an answer record to a song that has yet to have a release. 

The version by The Leaves is considered to be the first cover of ‘Hey Joe’ but even this is in dispute as very lo-fi recording by a band called The Swamp Rats seems to have come out first. Strangely, The Leaves version is the only recording of the song to break the top 40 in the US Billboard single chart. The version by the Jimi Hendrix Experience did not even make the charts. 

The remainder of the songs are not in any particular order. They only had to have been recorded before Hendrix released his version. The band, The `Warlocks included here are not the same ones that would change their name to the Grateful Dead. 

Side A

  1. Hey Joe – Billy Roberts
  2. Wanted: Dead Or Alive – The Rogues
  3. Hey Joe – Swamp Rats
  4. Hey Joe – The Leaves
  5. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) – The Standells
  6. Hey Joe – Love
  7. Hey Joe – Tim Rose
  8. Hey Joe – The Music Machine

Side B

  1. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) – The Byrds
  2. Hey Joe – Safaris
  3. Hey Joe – Gonn
  4. Hey Woman – Kenny Bernard
  5. Hey Jo – The Warlocks
  6. Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) – The Cryan’ Shames
  7. Hey Joe – The Shadows of Knight

Bonus 7” EP

As this is my compilation, I thought I would include a bonus 7” EP of the songs that could be said to have inspired the original song. I have included an extra song with ‘Penitentiary Blues’ by Buddy Baker. This shares similar lyrics to ‘Little Sadie’ and could be the earliest version of this songs to be recorded. 

Side A

  1. Baby, Don’t Go To Town – Neila Miller
  2. Hey, Joe – Carl Smith

Side B

  1. Penitentiary Blues – Buddy Baker
  2. Little Sadie – Clarence Ashley

To find out more on this, I would recommend ‘Hey Joe: The Unauthorised Biography of a Rock Classic’ by Marc Shapiro. 

The front cover based upon the US picture sleeve of the Jimi Hendrix’s Experiences Hey Joe Single. I included the K-Tel logo because I felt that this was the sort of compilation they may well have released if they had had the inclination. I do remember they liked a themed compilation even though I am sure they would not have released one solely based around one song. 

The Beatles – Long Tall Sally (The Covers LP)

t has been a while since I did a Beatles post, and even longer since I mentioned about the possibility of putting together a compilation of the songs that The Beatles covered on their albums. I actually covered this sort of thing in a podcast back in 2017 when looking at the original versions of the songs*. This play list creates a virtual album of all of the cover version the band released on their studio album, with the exception of Maggie Mae**. 

I took the view that this album would have been one of the numerous compilations that EMI put together in the late 70s after the bands contract ran out. I was surprised when looking into putting this together that EMI didn’t do this themselves back in the day. I pretty much followed the chronology of when these songs came out back in the day, except swapping some around so the length each sides is similar to the other corresponding side. That is down to the fact that this release if it had happened would have been put onto cassette tape. I also made the tracks on mine be the mono versions as these were the mix the band were happiest with. Annoyingly, I could only use stereo versions on Spotify which is the format EMI would have no doubt used if they had put this out themselves.

The cover is taken from an Italian release called The Beatles in Italy. 

Side A

  1. A Taste Of Honey
  2. Baby It’s You
  3. Roll Over Beethoven
  4. Anna (Go To Him)
  5. Chains
  6. Twist & Shout

Side B

  1. Please Mister Postman
  2. Till There Was You
  3. Boys
  4. Devil In Her Heart
  5. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  6. Money (That’s What I Want)

Side C

  1. Slow Down
  2. Honey Don’t
  3. Long Tall Sally
  4. Mr. Moonlight
  5. Matchbox
  6. Rock & Roll Music

Side D

  1. Bad Boy
  2. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
  3. Words Of Love
  4. Act Naturally
  5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  6. Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!


** I did use this as part of an album of the covers the band made during the Get Back/Let it Be sessions which iI had a look at back in November 2021.