Episode 14 – Christmas Bursts of the Worst

In this episode, Darryl Bullock of ‘The Worlds Worst Records’ blog fame joins The Squire to talk about some of the not so classic Christmas records that have been released down the years. Check out Darryl’s website for more information on some truly terrible records records. http://www.worldsworstrecords.co.uk/

  • Lick A Smurp For Christmas – Father Abraphart & the Smurps 
  • All I Want To Ask Santa – Ricky Segall & The Segalls
  • Billy’s Christmas Wish – Red Sovine
  • Santa’s Doing The Horizontal Twist – Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards
  • Christmas Shoes – Newsong
  • White Christmas – Billy Idol
  • I’m Gonna Spend Christmas With A Dalek – The Go-Go’s
  • The Night KITT Saved Christmas – David Hasselhoff
  • R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Jon Bongiovi
  • The Christmas Song – Canned Heat & The Chipmunks
  • Daddy, Is Santa Really Six Feet Four – Kay Brown
  • Jingle Bells – Barbra Streisand
  •  Mister Russian, Please Don’t Shoot Santa’s Sleigh – The Sensational  Little Shana Lynette
  • Christmas On The Moon – Troy Hess
  • Rockin’ Disco Santa Claus – Sisterhood
  • Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer – Wounded John Scott Cree