The Lost Cinemas of Richmond Upon Thames

Today, you can still pay a visit a cinema in Richmond Upon Thames. It was also home to a number that are no longer there. Join The Squire as he takes you on a journey to show where they were and what happened to them.

Restoring The Last 4 VEP British Rail Class 423 (Part 2)

The British Rail 423 class of train entered service in 1967 and continued to be a mainstay of lines in South London as well as Kent, Sussex and Hampshire for the next 38 years. Here, in the second and last part of this series, the Squire meets up with a dedicated band of enthusiasts who are looking to restore the last remaining 423.

If you wish to help with the restoration of this train, please follow this link.

The Lost Pubs of Richmond Upon Thames (Part 3)

Throughout the centuries, Richmond Upon Thames has contained many pubs within its boundaries. In this, the third part of the series, I once again look at some of pubs that are no longer here. 

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