Various Artists – The Psychedelic Years Vol.4

It is the fourth month so it must be time for Volume 4 in my series of collections looking back at the Psychedelic Years. This one includes songs that could be said not to be psychedelic at all. For instance, ‘Baby, Come On’ is a bit of prog mixed with hard rock. ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ by The Yardbirds, freakbeat and ‘Except From A Teenage Opera’ by Keith West, a straight pop record. It all depends on what your definition of psych is and does it really matter as I think this compilation holds together quite nicely.

The first few songs on Disc 1 come from the ‘Circus Days’ compilation and there is the usual mix of well known artists (The Rolling Stones, Traffic, The Kinks), bands who were just starting out but would end being hugely successful (Genesis, The Bee Gees) and people in bands other than the one that made them famous (Jeff Lynne of The Idle but more famous for being in ELO). There is also quite a few artists on here who needed up not doing very much at all but let us with at least one memorable song.

Disc 1

  1. Baby, Come On – Opus
  2. Finding It Rough – Hat & Tie
  3. Nobody Wants You Now – Los Brincos
  4. Don’t Make A Sound – Kate
  5. Mr. Jones – Apple
  6. He’s A Dear Old Weatherman – Mark Wirtz
  7. Girl From New York – Billy Nicholls
  8. Phoebe’s Flower Shop – The Cortinas
  9. Colour Sergeant Lillywhite – West Coast Consortium
  10. Within’ The Night – Velvett Fogg
  11. Love Me ‘Till The Sun Shines (BBC Session) – The Kinks
  12. Five White Horses – Sun Dragon
  13. The Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane – Timon
  14. Seeing Things Green – Yellow Bellow Room Boom
  15. Paper Man – Noah’s Ark
  16. Golden Apples – The Californians
  17. Crazy One – Ramases & Selket
  18. Grey Skies – The Pretty Thins
  19. Real Life Permanent Dream – Orange Machine
  20. The Clown – Eire Apparent
  21. LIfe’s Sweet Music – Mortimer
  22. When The Wind Arises – The Rokes
  23. Cryin’ To Be Heard – Traffic
  24. Tide – Octopus
  25. A Place To Call My Own – Genesis

Disc 2

  1. Time Will Show The Wiser – Fairport Convention
  2. Over Under Sideways Down – The Yardbirds
  3. Send Me A Postcard -Shocking Blue
  4. That’s The Way It’s Got To Be – The Poets
  5. All Day All Night  – Blonde On Blonde 
  6. Water Woman – The Amazing Friendly Apple
  7. Pink Dawn – Human Instinct
  8. Baby Get Your Head Screwed On – Double Feature
  9. Lady on A Bicycle – Kippington Lodge
  10. Looking For The Sun – The Plague
  11. Frederick Jordan – The Glass Menagerie 
  12. Trick Or Two – Shy Limbs
  13. Hurry Up John – The Idle Race
  14. Man In Black – Skip Bifferty
  15. Henry Long – The Epics
  16. Holiday – The Bee Gees
  17. 2000 Man – The Rolling Stones
  18. Except From A Teenage Opera – Keith West
  19. Lady Caroline – Velvet Fogg
  20. Oh! What A Performance – Nirvana (UK)
  21. Circus With A Female Clown – The Fingers
  22. Dream Machine – Svensk
  23. Last Cloud Home – Orange Bicycle
  24. The Light Of Love – Humble Pie
  25. Memories – Red Dirt
  26. This Will Be Our Year – The Zombies
  27. Back To The City – Sandy Coast
  28. Nite Is A-Comin’ – Warm Sounds

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