Hunters II – Original Soundtrack

I waited the best part of three years for the second season of Hunters to come out. It was one of a number of shows that I enjoyed watching during the first lockdown and I had not seen anything to say that it had been cancelled (unlike some other Amazon shows which came out at the same time e.g. Utopia). Low and behold, the second (and last series) came out with little or no fanfare at the start of 2023 which was a shame as I feel that most people would have missed that (including myself initially). 

In compiling this album, I wanted to follow the template I followed when completing the soundtrack to season 1. That is, the songs must fit onto the vinyl format and they must have been released before the latest year in TV show is set. That year being 1979, which means a number of the songs from this season could not be used. This also meant I could not include any of the incidental music as well. 

Unlike season 1, there seemed to be a lot less music to choose from so this LP would be a single. Whoever was responsible for compiling the music for this show did a rather fine job, with the music reflecting the location the characters were in. For example, when the action is in France, French artists are used and so forth. With the German music, it seems that all of it was pre World War 2. Good work whoever you are. 

Side A

  1. La Plus Belle Chanson du Monde – Jacqueline Taïeb
  2. Malaguena – Xavier Cugat
  3. Barba Costa – Koko
  4. Pobrecita – Julito Rodriguez Y Su Trio
  5. Ver Der Ershter Vet Lachen – Mike Burstein
  6. Can You Tell Me – Heat Exchange
  7. Nothing From Nothing – Billy Preston
  8. Love Will Keep Us Together – Captain & Tennille

Side B

  1. It’s Getting Better – Mama Cass
  2. Best Things In Life – The Dreamliners
  3. I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song – Jim Croce
  4. Geronimo – Bobby Valentin
  5. Shabes-Shabes – Jan Bart
  6. I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking (Single Version) – The Supremes
  7. Le Temps Est Bon – Isabelle Pierre
  8. Green Green Grass Of Home – Tom Jones

The cover was direct lift from the official soundtrack with the bottom edited off. 

Check out the soundtrack to season one

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