Episode 71 – Completely Solo Records

Normally, solo records are ones that a member of a band makes away from their normal band mates. However, some people have made records where they play everything (more or less) and in this episode, we are looking at a selection of these.

  • For You – Prince
  • Dixie Peach Promenade – Skip Spence
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Blues – The Blue Ridge Rangers
  • Reverie – Tomita
  • Tame The Lion – Emitt Rhodes
  • Pink Moon – Nick Drake
  • Easy On You – Mickey Dolenz
  • Flight Of The Moonglade – Jon Anderson
  • Oxygene Part IV (Single Version) – Jean-Michael Jarre
  • Determination – Todd Rundgren
  • Arc Of A Diver – Steve Winwood
  • Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen
  • Fragile – Paul Rodgers
  • Grandlelinquent – Klerk Kent
  • I Hate Alternative Rock – Bob Mould
  • The Dreamer – Paddy McAloon

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