Episode 70 – Answer Songs

The answer song is a curious beast. As the name suggests, this is a recording of a song in answer to another song normally but not always by a different artist. Here we have a look at some dating from the mid 20thcentury. 

  • Oh! Neil – Carol King
  • I’ll Save The Last Dance For You – Damita Jo
  • The Tiger’s Wide Awake – The Romeos
  • Mannish Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • I’m A Man – Bo Diddley
  • I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters
  • When A Woman Loves A Man – Esther Phillips
  • Mama’s Got A Bag Of Her Own – Anna King
  • It’s A Man’s Woman’s World (Part 1) – Irma Thomas
  • I’ll Let You Hold My Hand – The Bootles
  • That’s My Life (My Love & My Home) – Freddie Lennon
  • Yes I’m Lonesome Tonight – Carpenter Thelma
  • Queen Of The House – Jody Miller
  • Ringo’s Revenge – Robin Garrett
  • They Took You Away, I’m Glad, I’m Glad – Teddy & Darrel
  • Not Just Tomorrow, But Always – Bartell Douche
  • Don’t Let Him Shop Around – Debbie Dean
  • You Should Know I’m Still Your Baby – Sammi Lynn
  • Jerry (I’m Your Sherry) – Tracey Dey
  • The Dawn Of Correction – Spokesmen
  • He’ll Have To Stay – Jeanne Black

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