Episode 53 – Alternative Guitar Heroes

When lists of great guitar players appear, they mostly include electric rock or blues players. Here are some players that don’t normally feature in such lists but do deserve to be recognised for their playing skills.  

  • Sabre Dance – Love Sculpture (feat. Dave Edmunds)
  • Minor Swing – Django Reinhardt
  • Asturias (Leyenda) – Andres Segovia
  • My Babe – Rick Nelson (feat. James Burton)
  • Anji – Davy Graham
  • Blackwater Side – Bert Jansch
  • Country Boy – Heads, Hands & Feet (feat. Alvin Lee)
  • Cello Song – Nick Drake
  • Little Bit of Sympathy – Robin Trower
  • Crossroads/You Can’t Catch Me – Stephen Stills
  • Gibson, Martin, Fender – The Pirates (feat. Mick Green)
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Jeff Healey Band
  • 1952 Vincent Black Lightning – Richard Thompson
  • Nervous Breakdown – Brad Paisley
  • Joy In Repetition – Prince & The New Power Generation

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