Episode 52 – Vinyl Frontier: Vinyl Only Bonus Tracks

Back in the day, CD’s were the only place you could expect to find bonus tracks, but not anymore. In this episode, we take a look at bonus tracks that have been vinyl exclusives at the time of their release.

  • Just One Drink (Acoustic Intro) – Jack White 
  • Milk Cow Blues (live) – The Kinks
  • Mystery – The Small Faces
  • Vejetables (Smile Box Set Vinyl Mix) – The Beach Boys
  • Good Clean Fun (Alt Mix) – The Monkees 
  • Rude Boys Outta Jail – Neville Staples AKA Judge Roughneck
  • Ebony Eyes – Stevie Wonder
  • Superman (Live) – Blur (Seymour)
  • Boneheads Bank Holiday – Oasis
  • Tonight Reprise – The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Runners Dial Zero – Beck
  • Writing To Reach You (Deadly Avenger’s Bayou Blues Mix) – Travis
  • Just To Have You Back – Loretta Lynn
  • Dreamin’ Of You (Single Edit) – Bob Dylan
  • Strange Woman – Jeremy Spencer
  • Heavy Chevy – Alabama Shakes
  • The Golden Temple – Sun Dial
  • Born To Act – Belle & Sebastian
  • Panic Attack – The Heavy
  • Even Good Things Break my Heart – Bill Ryder-Jones 

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