Imaginary Album Covers

I came across a wonderful Twitter account called Images That Could Be Album Covers recently. Over Christmas, I thought that I would give these fake band names & album titles.

Wind Waves – Wind Waves (Self Titled)
The Radical Doods – The Devil Is In The Detail
Neruval – Senses Deleted
Ingenium – Ice Cream Planet
Sea Radio – Blood Red Sun
Stereo Club – Room With A View
Anderson Council – Original Conceit
Bleeding Death – Hell
The Crimson Brothers – Daylight To Minas
Power Lines – Established Title
St. Charteris – Reflector
Lateral Movies – Nothing To See Here!
Uber Maschine – The Word According To……
Wry Smile – Honest Affair
Five Poets – Milky Way Holiday
Jawbone – Born In The Shadows

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