Imaginary Album Covers 2023

Well, it is the last day of 2023 and in a follow up to last year, here are another collection of pictures I have found on line that look like LP covers. I have tried to acknowledge the person who took the picture, but if there isn’t one, it is because I took them from the wonderful X (Twitter) account ‘Images That Could Be Album Covers’ (@ImagesAlbum).

Jaroslaw Kolacz – All Dressed Up……

The photo was taken by Jaroslaw Kolacz & I used him as the recording artist as well. The rest of the title (& nowhere to go) would have appeared on the back if there had been one.

Pentagram Of Venus – Standing Stones

Taken from the @dr_places X/Twitter page

The Redeems – A Quiet Night Out

~From Twitter user @ollsjam. Re’em is a mythological animal from the Hebrew Bible. Some say this is a Oryx so a sketch of the animal has been included as the band logo.  

Motel – You Look So Lonely

I did not add the title nor the name of the band. There were already in the graphic & it was perfect as it was.

The Red Lines – Eye Of The Needle

The Hooligans – Self Portrait

Saint Cecilia – Return Ticket

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians.

Orange 1-4 – When God Calls

I loved the image but I am not sure that the graphic works with it

An Academy Of Sparrows – Air In A Curved Rainbow

A play on the classic album, ‘A Rainbow In Curved Air’ by Terry Riley

Deep Six – Caution Wet Floor

The Pagoda Six – The Past Is A Foreign Country

Halo – Seen The Light

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