Various Artists – Psych, Crackle & Pop Volume 1

Back in dim distant days of yore when the internet was not as regulated as it now is, many a blog sprung up sharing all sorts of wonderful music that before hand was either impossible to find and/or only a very few knew about. Many, if not all of these have fallen by the wayside either through the person running them giving up or the file sharing programme they used having been shut down (Megaupload was most probably the most notorious of these). 

One such site was Psych, Crackle & Pop, that ran for about four years, showcasing a good deal of music from the psych years from all over the world, but with most of the tracks produced by artists from the UK or USA. Every so often a new compilation of CD length would appear. I had hardly heard any of the songs and the quality of the material on the first few volumes was especially high. Whoever was making these compilations must have had an extensive knowledge of that period of music. 

Using this site as a template, I decided to make my own compilation from these tracks, with the addition of ‘Wind’ by Kim Jung Mi which seemed to be a nice fit. This is continuing the theme of Psych related compilations that have been posted this year with this and next months Volume 2 focusing more on the pop side of the genre. 

As per other psych compilations I have produced this year, this one contains some musicians who would go on to be famous later on. This includes Fairport Convention. ‘If I Had a Ribbon Bow’ was their first single when they could best be described as the British equivalent of the Jefferson Airplane. They were yet to become the folk rock behemoth of a couple of years later. Graham Gouldman was a name in the business, having written hits for The Yardbirds and The Hollies but he was yet to become a hit musician but he would achieve this in the 70s with 10cc. Aphrodite’s Child contained Demis Roussos and Vangelis, both of whom would be massive successful on their own. Timothy Grass was one of the names used by the Bill Wyman produced End before they became the hard rockin’ Tucky Buzzard.

Disc 1

  1. In The Past – We The People
  2. Sunday Morning – Margo Guryan
  3. Baby’s Rich – The God’s
  4. If I Had A Ribbon Bow – Fairport Convention
  5. I Am Beside Myself – Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon
  6. Children Of Tomorrow – Mike Stuart Span
  7. Red, Purple & Blue – The Bag (US)
  8. I Don’t Mind – Fat Mattress
  9. Miss Jones – The Herd
  10. Tell Me To My Face – The Hollies
  11. Bus Stop – Graham Gouldman
  12. The Devil Has Possession Of Your Soul – The Flying Machine
  13. Chocolate Sue – The Moan
  14. Ballad Of The Bad Boys (1956 A.D.) – Faine Jade
  15. Super Market – Frapadokly
  16. Swinger (Mono) – The Third Rail
  17. Feelings – The Grass Roots
  18. Let The Truth Come Out – The Sugar Shoppe
  19. I Am An Angel (But I Can’t Fly) – The Amen Corner
  20. I See Her Face – The Hudson Bay Co.
  21. Never Mind – Elli
  22. I Like – Kaplan
  23. Sarah The Sad Spirit – Bob Markley (WCPAEB)
  24. Valley of Sadness – Aphrodite’s Child
  25. Dougal – The Bulldog Breed
  26. Black Mass – Jason Crest
  27. Secret – Virgin Sleep

Disc 2

  1. Isha (Mono) – Chris & Craig
  2. When She Comes To Say – Skip Bifferty
  3. I’ll Search The Sky – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  4. Hear In Here – The Association
  5. Dream With Me – Jacobson & Tansley
  6. Flashing Lights – Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends
  7. The Ballad Of The Soon Departed – O’Hara’s Playboys
  8. Catherine’s Wheel – Denny Laine
  9. Roger The Rocket Ship – Bob Markley (WCPAEB)
  10. Know You – Kensington Market
  11. Emilys Vacation – Jake Holmes
  12. Seeing With Love – The Tages
  13. Baby Dear – Wildflowers
  14. Dance Around Julie – Doughnut Ring
  15. Wind – Kim Jung Mi
  16. Ain’t It Babe – Charity Shaynes
  17. Blood Of Oblivion -The Rainy Daze
  18. I Had A Notion -The Sound Solutions
  19. Shades Of Blue – Darius
  20. I Think I Need The Cash – The Secrets
  21. It’s All A Put On – The Ones
  22. Sunny Day Blue – Fargo
  23. Where Is My Mind – Pesky Gee!
  24. Second Glance – Timothy Grass
  25. We Don’t Care – Hubert Thomas Valverde & The HT’s

The front cover is taken from the Psych, Crackle & Pop blogspot with my rainbow backing to bring it in line with my other psych replaced compilations. The image itself was adapted from the rather wonderful, and now over twenty years old compilation from Mojo Magazine which was called ‘Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers’.

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