Various Artists – Gotta Get Up! The Songs of Harry Nilsson Vol. 3

After compiling Volume 2 earlier, this month, I found that I had enough songs to complete another set. Like Volume 2, this kicks off with a cover of “Gotta Get Up’. After that, there is a mix of songs Nilsson wrote but didn’t always record a version of himself. These include songs from before he signed his contract with RCA such as ‘A Travellin’ Man’ and ‘Paradise’ as wells many recorded afterwards. There is the other side of the single that Kenny Everett released (with the first being included on Vol.2) as well as more performances by The Turtles and Jimmy Cross. George Tipton, Nilsson’s arranger on his early records makes another appearance but there is also room for a novelty recording such as the version of ‘Without Her’ by Telly Savalas. The disc finishes with a special bonus in that it contains the song ‘Little More Rain’ from the ‘New Nilsson Songs’ demo album. As of now, no one has been able to find out who the singer is.

Once again, unlike Ace Record, I do not have access to the original tapes so some of these have been taken from vinyl transfers, so please excuse the pops etc. The sleeve is similar in style to the Ace Records volume. The differences being that I could not match the original font and there are no dates under the title. I decided that that was unnecessary as this was meant to highlight Nilsson songs throughout the years. Its not really the covers you are here for though, but the music. Well, that is top notch. Enjoy!

  1. Gotta Get Up – Marty Finkel
  2. Everybody Philly – The Citations
  3. Maybe – Labi Siffre
  4. 1941 – Joel Grey
  5. It’s Been So Long – Kenny Everett
  6. Me & My Arrow – Davy Jones
  7. Wailing Of The Willow – Liza Minnelli
  8. Remember (Christmas) – Johnny Mathis
  9. Countin’ – Mike Clifford
  10. Don’t Leave Me – Robert John
  11. I Guess The Lord Must be In New York City – The New Yorkers
  12. Chicken Track – Jimmie Cross
  13. The Story Of Rock ’n’ Roll – The Turtles
  14. The Puppy Song – David Cassidy
  15. Open Your Window – George Tipton
  16. One – Chris Clark
  17. All My Life – The Walkmen (feat. Allesanora Mario)
  18. Easy For Me – Ringo Starr
  19. Without Her – Telly Savalas
  20. Together – Clodagh Rodgers
  21. Paradise – Jean King
  22. A Travellin’ Man – The New Christine Minstrels
  23. Little Cowboy – The Buffoons
  24. Little More Rain – Unknown

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