Various Artists – Come To The Sunshine

The summer months are almost upon us so what better time is there to present a compilation looking at the period in the mid 60s where music makers from the USA* were producing tunes that reflected the then more innocent age. There are songs about cars, mopeds, having fun, girls (and boys) and there are hints at the more reflective music that would become more prevalent later int he decade. ‘Guess I’m Dumb’ by Glen Campbell being a good example of that. Brian Wilson’s finger prints are all over this compilation as well. He was churning out so much music in the mid 60s that he recorded with more than just The Beach Boys. These included The Honeys which featured his future wife, Marilyn, within their ranks. The songs by The Survivors, the aforementioned Glen Campbell as well as Jan & Dean have Wilson’s fingerprints all over them. 

Future Beach Boys collaborators, Bruce Johnson and Terry Melcher are also represented here, not only under their own names (Bruce & Terry) but as The Rip Chords. Harry Nilsson and Phil Spector are both represented by their writing credits on the song ‘This Could Be The Night’ by The Modern Folk Quartet. Phil Spector also produced the original version of ‘Chapel of Love’ by Darlene Love. This was not released until 30 years after it was recorded. There are numerous other artists, some more well known than others but whenever I play this, it always makes me think of summer. 

Disc 1

  1. Let’s Dance – Chris Montez
  2. Johnny Angel – Shelley Fabares
  3. Walk Don’t Run ’64 – The Ventures
  4. Surf City – Jan & Dean
  5. Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann – Road Robin
  6. I Get Around – The Beach Boys
  7. Not The Lovin’ Kind  – Dino, Desi & Billy
  8. Three Window Coupe – The Rip Chords
  9. Little Honda – The Hondells
  10. I Live For The Sun – The Sunrays
  11. That’s The Way The World Has Got To Be (Part 1) – Chris Lucey
  12. For You – Rick Nelson
  13. Anywhere The Girl Are – The Fantastic Baggys
  14. Another Saturday Night – Sam Cooke
  15. Strange Love – Darlene Love
  16. Rising Sun – The Deep Six
  17. Everybody Loves A Clown – Gary Lewis & The Playboys
  18. The Big Beat – Bob & Sheri
  19. I’m A Drifter – Joe & Eddie
  20. Meet Me Tonight Little Girl – Philip & Stephan
  21. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes – Bobby Lee
  22. Man With Money – The Everly Brothers
  23. Summer Means Fun – Bruce & Terry
  24. Smokey Joe’s – Donna Loren
  25. Let Me Be – The Turtles
  26. You Say Pretty Words – Ramona King
  27. So Hard To Find – The Critters
  28. Guess I’m Dumb – Glen Campbell
  29. I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound – Dion & The Wanderers
  30. Baby What You Want Me Top Do? – Bob & Bobby
  31. This Could Be The Night – The Modern Folk Quartet
  32. Keep On Dancing – The Ronettes
  33. Land Of The Free – Bonnie & The Treasures

Disc 2

  1. Pamela Jean – The Survivors
  2. Ride Away – Bob & Sheri
  3. Walk Right In – The Moments
  4. Twistin’ The Night Away – Sam Cooke
  5. Hey Little Cobra – The Rip Chords
  6. Tell ‘em I’m Surfin’ – The Fantastic Baggys
  7. Dream For Sale – Joey Paige
  8. The Rebel Kind – Dino, Desi & Billy
  9. Roses & Rainbows – Danny Hutton
  10. That’s How It Goes – Joey Heatherton
  11. Somebody Groovy – The Mamas & The Papas
  12. Haloween Mary – P. F. Sloan
  13. They’re Jealous Of Me – Doona Loren
  14. The Birds & The Bees – Jewel Akens
  15. Many Are The Times – Lee Mallory
  16. Over You – Paul Revere & The Raiders
  17. I’m Sweet On You – Tina & The Mustangs
  18. June Bride Baby – The Goldbriars
  19. The Sh-down Down Song (You Better Leave Him Alone) – The Ginger-Snaps Dandee Dawson
  20. Deep Purple – Nino Tempo & April Stevens
  21. I’m Through With You – Mark V
  22. He’s A Doll – The Honeys
  23. The End – Ian Whitcomb
  24. This Diamond Ring – Gary Lewis & The Playboys
  25. Baby I See You – Deana Martin
  26. Eve Of Destruction – Barry McGuire
  27. Bye, Bye, Bye – The Tikis
  28. What Am I Going To Do – The Dovers
  29. Call Me – Chris Montez
  30. Baby Dear – Wildflowers
  31. Chapel Of Love – Darlene Love
  32. All Summer Long – The Beach Boys

The cover art is adapted from one used by Andrew Sandoval for his podcast of the same name. If you have not heard any of the episodes, I would highly recommend it. 

This compilation could not be reproduced on Spotify due to one or more songs not being listed don that platform.

*I think that is where all of the artists on this compilation were from anyway

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