Various Artists – Boss Level OST

It is always nice to come across a gem of a film that I knew nothing about beforehand. One of those which I saw over the Christmas period was Boss Level. It doesn’t have the most original of premise in that the hero of the film must relive the same day over and over again until he figures out what he needs to do to end this event from repeating itself. However, the action, acting and kick arse soundtrack made this 100 minutes of my time that I did not feel was wasted. Time being the operative word here because the majority of the songs on this soundtrack are concerned with it. 

Even though a soundtrack album was released for the music, this was the incidental music by Clinton Shorter. There wasn’t one for the songs that were used throughout the movie so I thought I would put one together. This includes nineteen of the twenty songs included in the film. The only one missing is ‘Sixties Airport Lounge’ by John Plowright which does not seem to be available anywhere. There were enough songs for a short double album so so here it is, the soundtrack to Boss Level.

Side 1

  1. Working For MCA – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  2. Alcohol Part 1 – Robert Jay
  3. Mean Little Mama – Roy Orbison
  4. Time Has Come Today – The Chambers Brothers
  5. Baby I Don’t Care – Carl Mann

Side B

  1. Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) – The Gap Band
  2. Got My Mojo Workin’ – Billy Adams
  3. Slow Down – Jack Earls
  4. Foreplay/Longtime – Boston

Side C

  1. Fine Time – Genie Brooks
  2. Fix Me – Black Flag
  3. Destroy Everything – The Helltones 
  4. That’s Why I Love To Call His Name – Village Singers
  5. Picking Tea Leaves & Catching Butterflies – Lily Chao
  6. South American Getaway – Burt Bacharach

Side D

  1. Turn Back The Hands Of Time – Tyronne Davies
  2. I Want To Love You Baby – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
  3. Victim Of Circumstance – Mike & The Censations
  4. Day After Day – Badfinger
  5. How Much Can A Man Take? – Big John Hamilton
  6. Only Time Will Tell – Clarence Ashe

The artwork is taken from an image used to publish the film with some background added. 

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