Various Artists – Blood Records Sampler 2020

In its first two years of existence, Blood Records released ten limited edition LPs. With all of the problems that 2020 threw at us, the label managed to press up and supply nineteen. That is not bad going by anybody’s standards. As always, these were exclusive to the Blood Records but unlike their earlier releases, there was:

A reissue of a previously released record. ‘Champagne Holocaust’ by the Fat White Family had originally been released in 2013, including a black vinyl variant. However, the Blood Records version was the first of its Zoetrope releases and was listed as a ‘dick-ture disc’ It has to be seen to be believed. 

Charity records. They released their largest ever run (so far) of a record. ‘Songs For The NHS’ was a various artists release, made up of songs unavailable anywhere else. With 5000 pressed, it entered the UK vinyl charts at number 1 and helped raise money for equipment to help the NHS during the Covid 19 pandemic. A worthy cause and a good record to boot. It was even pressed on NHS Blue coloured vinyl. There was another release raising money for the Save Our Venues charity and that was called ‘What’s Going On?’. 

Archive release. Vistas released an album that collected material the band had recorded before the release of their debut album. None of the songs only this record had had a physical release before and it was released on rather fetching clear vinyl. 

Exclusive variations of records released on other labels. The Cribs and Biffy Clyde both released new albums on 2020 but Blood Records was there with their own versions. The Cribs’ ‘Night Network’ came out on TV Test Card coloured vinyl, where as Biffy Clyro’s ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ was another in the Zoetrope range.

There were also exclusive releases by artists such as Nova Twins, Halloweens and Be No Rain. 

All in all, 2020 was an interesting year for Blood Records and judging by the amount of campaigns they have already started, 2021 looks set to be another bumper year of vinyl releases. 

To celebrate the label, here is a sampler of songs from each of the nineteen releases from 2020, presented as though it was a vinyl LP. I’m sure they would not have it any other way. The artwork is one of Blood Records’ logos taken from their Facebook page (with the year added. My IT skills let me down on this one). 

Side A

  1. Mary Don’t Mind – Vant
  2. In This Decade – The Blinders
  3. Space – Biffy Clyro
  4. My Baby Looks Good With Another – Halloweens

Side B

  1. Fashun – Willie J. Healey
  2. I’m What You Want – Walt Disco
  3. Half Life – Spector
  4. Is This All There Is? – Tempesst
  5. Media Luna – Be No Rain

Side C

  1. Sign Language – Vistas
  2. Care Less – Sheafs
  3. Auto Neutron – The Fat White Family
  4. (The World) Outside My Door – The Magic Gang
  5. Room With A View (Demo) – Flyte

Side D

  1. Taxi – Nova Twins
  2. My God – Lucia & The Best Boys
  3. Growing Up – Alfie Templeman
  4. I’m Only Going To Hurt You – The Ninth Wave
  5. Goodbye – The Cribs

This playlist could not be recreated as not all of the songs are available on Spotify

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