The Who – The Collection Vol.4

So here is the fourth and last of my Who compilations. As I said before, I have never listened to any of the bands records after they originally split up in the mid 80s so this compilation covers the period of the last albums with Keith Moon. All of the songs on Disc 1 come from ‘The Who By Numbers’ and ‘Who Are You’, except one. That song is ‘Love Is Coming Down’ which is Pete Townshend’s demo, which as far as I know has yet to be officially released. 

Disc 2 takes in the two albums recorded with Kenny Jones as the drummer and the sound of the band changes dramatically at this point. Kenny Jones is a great drummer, but he does not play in the same way as Keith Moon (who does really) and the material that was being written at this time was very different from the hard rock, progressive sound that they had for the majority of the 70s. There are a lot more electronics in there, as well as the odd drum machine. 

This was not a happy period for the band either, with tensions in the air. Jones’ drumming style had drawn criticism from some in the band. Townshend had released a solo album in 1980 and it was felt, but Daltrey most specifically, that the songs on that were stronger than the material that was presented for the ‘Face Dances’ album. Townshend had fallen into a depression and was taking drugs as well as drinking heavily. He also felt that he was not writing material that was suitable for the band so decided to leave, essentially ending the group. 

There have been numerous reunions (one of which I saw in Hyde Park in 1996) and two new albums, but they just didn’t appeal. Sometimes bands just need to know when to stop before they become just a parody of themselves. 

Disc 1

  1. Who Are You (Lost Verse Version)
  2. New Song
  3. Success Story
  4. However Much I Booze
  5. Squeeze Box
  6. In A Hand or A  Face
  7. Slip Kid
  8. Trick of The Light
  9. 905
  10. Had Enough
  11. Dreaming From the Waist
  12. How Many Friends
  13. Love Is Coming Down (Pete Townshend Demo)
  14. Guitar & Pen
  15. No Road Romance
  16. Imagine A Man
  17. They Are All In Love
  18. Blue Red & Grey

Disc 2

  1. Daily Records
  2. Athena
  3. It’s In You
  4. Did You Steal My Money?
  5. Another Tricky Day
  6. Cache Cache
  7. The Quiet One
  8. It’s Your Turn
  9. Cooks County
  10. It’s Hard
  11. You Better You Bet
  12. One Life’s Enough
  13. Somebody Saved Me
  14. Eminence Front
  15. I’ve Known No War
  16. Cry If You Want

The cover is adapted from the US version of the bands 2002 compilation, ‘The Ultimate Collection’.

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