Supergrass – Wait Tor The Sun (B-Sides Collection)

Oasis in their mid 90s pomp always boasted that some of their best songs were relegated to the B-Sides of their singles and a collection of these flip sides were collected together on ‘The Masterplan’ compilation which was released in 1998. Taking a look at the other big hitters from the era, Oasis were the only band to do this (as far as I can tell) so I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if there was enough material from some of these other bands to do the same. This is the first of these B-Sides Collections and it is the mighty Supergrass that get this honour.   

These date from their first releases on Parlophone in 1995 up until the last album of the decade in 1999. Unlike their standard albums, there are a couple of covers on here. The title takes it name from ‘Wait For The Sun’, one of the B-Sides from the ‘Lenny’ single. An awesome song and such a shame that it was relegated to a B-Side. 

Side A

  1. Believer (Moving – 1999)
  2. Nothing More’s Gonna Get In My Way (Richard III – 1997)
  3. Condition (Alright – 1995)
  4. Melanie Davis (Going Out – 1996)
  5. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Sun Hits The Sky – 1997)
  6. Faraway (Acoustic Version) (Moving – 1999)

Side B

  1. We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) (Late In The Day – 1997)
  2. What A Shame (Pumping On Your Stereo – 1999)
  3. Lucky (No Fear) (Pumping On Your Stereo – 1999)
  4. 20ft Halo (Richard III – 1997)
  5. Odd? (Mansize Rooster – 1995)
  6. Wait For The Sun (Lenny – 1995)

The sleeve is adapted from the Hollywood Bowl 2003 bootleg, with a slight change to the graphics. A nice pastiche of The Beatles Second album cover, ‘With The Beatles’.

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