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I only started buying Isobel Campbell’s solo records once she had left Belle and Sebastian. This occurred after the release of the bands ‘Storytelling’ LPs and it as though her leaving was one of the reasons why some of the tweeness left the band. What I didn’t realise until much later is that she released two album whilst still a member of Belle and Sebastian under the name of The Gentle Waves. These Gentle Waves albums could even be considered lost Belle and Sebastian albums as members of the band provide backing to her songs. Campbell released a number of records until 2006, when she collaborated with Mark Lanegan on a number of albums, but more on them later in the month. After the release of he last Campbell/Lanegan collaboration, there was silence for ten years. That does not mean that Campbell wasn’t doing anything. She had moved to American with her husband and had recorded an album but when her label folded, she spent a long time trying to obtain the rights to her own recordings so she could release them herself. Luckily for us, she did this and when ‘There Is No Other’ came out in 2020, there was an option to buy the album with a different, acoustic mix. Any songs where I have used these acoustic versions have been listed as such. Enjoy. 

Disc 1

  1. Milkwhite Sheets
  2. Bang Bang
  3. Hold Back A Thousand Years*
  4. Solace Of Pain*
  5. Renew & Restore*
  6. Time Is Just The Same
  7. Evensong*
  8. Weathershow*
  9. Song For Baby
  10. Argomenti
  11. This Land Flows With Milk
  12. Beggar, Wiseman or Thief?
  13. Hori Horo
  14. O Love Is Teasin’
  15. Are You Going To Leave Me?
  16. Monologue For An Old True Love
  17. Loretta Young*
  18. The Breeze Whispered Your Name (Part 2)
  19. There is No Greater Gold*
  20. Let The Good Times Begin*
  21. There Was Magic, Then…*
  22. Rose, I Love You*
  23. Thursday’s Child (Coda)*

This play list could not be reproduced with one or more songs not being available on Spotify.

Disc 2

  1. City Of Angels
  2. Rainbow (Acoustic)
  3. Ant Life (Acoustic)
  4. Just For Today (Acoustic)
  5. The National Bird Of India
  6. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  7. Love For Tomorrow
  8. Johnny Come Home
  9. Falling From Grace*
  10. Pretty Things*
  11. Flood*
  12. Reynardine
  13. Tree Lullaby*
  14. Yearning
  15. Vultures (Acoustic)
  16. See Your Face Again
  17. Loving Hannah
  18. Willow’s Song
  19. Hey World (Acoustic)
  20. Emmanuelle, Skating On Thin Ice*
  21. Enchanted Place*
  22. The Heart of It All (Acoustic)
  23. A Chapter In The Life Mathiew*

*The Gentle Waves

Some of these songs are from the acoustic version her last album. This play list could not be reproduced with one or more songs not being available on Spotify. 

The cover is adapted from the EP, ‘Time Is Just the Same’.

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