Episode 88 – Before They Were Famous Part 2

We once again take a look at the song released by artists who became famous later on.

  • Lovingly Yours – Mockingbirds (Graham Gouldman/Kevin Godley)
  • London Is Behind Me – Justin Hayward
  • Till You Say You’ll Be Mine – Olivia Newton-John
  • How Long Must I Be Made To Wait, Wait – Giorgio & The Morodians (Giorgio Moroder)
  • You Never Wanted Me – Alex Campbell & Friends (Sandy Denny)
  • Say Those Magic Words – The Birds, Birds (Ronnie Wood)
  • Pulsar – Flaming Youth (Phil Collins)
  • Don’t Go Way Little Girl – Shame (Greg Lake)
  • Mr Poem – Mike Batt
  • Digger – A New Generation (Sutherland Brothers)
  • I Can Hear Raindrops – The Valentines (Bon Scott)
  • Who Has Seen The Wind – Simon Sisters (Carly Simon)
  • Amsterdam, The First Days – Brainbox (Jan Akkerman)
  • Silver Forest – Organisation (Kraftwerk)
  • Rocking Chair Rock ‘n’ Roll Blues – Elf (Ronnie James Dio)
  • Last Saturday – Pat Benatar
  • It’s A Happy Day – Ellen Amos (Tori Amos)
  • Arabadrengurinn (The Arab Boy) – Bjork
  • Never Grow Old – Aretha Franklin

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