Episode 79 – Previously Unreleased (The Psych Years)

The first era of Psychedelic music arguably lasted only a couple of years in the late 60s, but the amount of songs that have come out that did not see the light of day back then is staggering. In this months episode, we take a look at some of those unreleased tunes.

  • Jug-A-Jug Song – Jesse Harper
  • Come On Up – Carley Hill Blues Band
  • Try Me on For Size – Those Fadin’ Colours
  • Without Her – Coconut Mushroom
  • Our Love Will Be Strong – The Majority
  • Will I Find Love – Fire
  • Just A Dream – Peanut Rubble
  • In The Park – The Cortinas
  • Sister Saxophone – Turquoise
  • How It Is – John Pantry
  • I’ve Been There Once Before – The Iveys
  • This Little Man – Grapefruit
  • Dogs In Baskets – Geranium Pond
  • In The Sunset – Barnaby Rudge
  • Crushed Purple – Jade Hexagram
  • Shadow Man – Schadel
  • Sad Sad Sad – Sheridan’s Bitter Sweet
  • Rosemary’s Bluebell Day – The Picadilly Line
  • Yesterday Was Such A Lovely Day (Elsie) – Sadie’s Expression
  • Matilda Mother (Alternative Version) – Pink Floyd

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