Episode 74 – Songs About The Beatles

Now we do like The Beatles here at Squire Towers so we invited Darryl Bullock (who is also a bit of a Fab Four fan) in to talk about songs that either mention the band or were inspired by them.

  • Ringo I Love You – Bonnie Jo Mason
  • The Boy With The Beatles Hair – The Swans
  • All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle – Dora Bryan
  • Ich Wunsch Mir Zum Geberstag Beatle – Die Sweetles
  • A Letter To The Beatles – The Four Preps
  • Bring Back My Beatles To Me – Bonnie Brooks
  • Stand Up & Holler – Foto-Fi Four
  • I Want A Beatle For Christmas – Becky Lee Beck
  • A Beatle I Want To Be – Sonny Curtis
  • John You Went Too Far This Time – Rainbo
  • I Dream I Was A Beatle – Murray Kellum
  • Time Marches On – Wilfred Brambell
  • I Want To Kiss Ringo – Penny Valentine
  • Beatles – Forbes
  • My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut – Donna Lynn
  • We Won’t Say Goodbye John – Iren Koster
  •  We Love The Beatles – The Vernons’ Girls
  • The Beatles & The Stones – The House Of Love
  • You Can’t Go Far Without A Guitar, Unless You’re Ringo Starr – Neil Shepherd
  • George Harrison – Udi Subibi
  • Early 1970 – Ringo Starr

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