Episode 62 – David Bowie Made Me Gay

We once again welcome back Darryl Bullock to the show to talk about the themes covered in his book, David Bowie Made Me Gay, 100 Years of LGBT Music.

  • Sweet Soul Music – Arthur Conley
  • Pretty Baby – Billy Murray
  • Prove it On Me Blues – Ma Rainey
  • Let’s All Be Fairies – The Durium Dance Band
  • I’d Rather Be Spanish – Jean Malin
  • The Boy In The Boat – George Hannah
  • I’m Gonna Dance Wit De Guy Wot Brung Me – Frankie ‘Half Pint’ Jackson
  • I Love You Madly – Charlie & Ray
  • The Look Of Love – Dusty Springfield
  • Do You Come Here Often – The Tornados
  • Wild Things – Cris Williamson
  • Surfer Doll – Robert Helpmann
  • Any Other Way – Jackie Shane
  • I’maman – Jobriath
  • Leather – Smokey
  • 14 Year Old Me – K Anderson
  • Glad To be Gay (Secret Policeman’s Ball Version) – Tom Robinson

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