Episode 37 – The Music of Star Wars

In this months episode, we look at music from, inspired by or an inspiration to the very successful film series. 

  • 20th Century Fox Fanfare – Alfred Newman
  • Main Title Theme – Composed by John Williams
  • Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band – Meco
  • The Imperial March – Composed by John Williams
  • Life Day Song – Carrie Fisher
  • Lapti Nek (Mix of different versions) – Composed by John Williams, Joseph Williams and Ernie 
  • Fosselius
  • Theme from the film Kings Row
  • Section from The Rite of Spring (Adoration of the Earth) – Composed by Stravinsky
  • Section from The Rite of Spring (The Sacrifice – Introduction) – Composed by Stravinsky
  • Section from A New World Symphony – Composed by Dvorak
  • Caravan Of Courage (End Credits Theme) – Peter Bernstein
  • Ewoks: Battle Of Endor (Opening Credits Theme) – Peter Bernstein 
  • Droids TV Show Theme
  • Ewoks TV Show – Season 1 Theme
  • Ewoks – Season 2 Theme
  • Xixor’s Theme – Composed by John McNeely
  • Yoda – Weird Al Yankovic
  • Bob Dylan’s Prequel Homesick Blues – Unknown
  • End Credits (From The Clone Wars TV Series) – Composed by John Williams. Arranged by Kevin Kiner

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